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venerdì 24 giugno 2016

A MOMENT IN TIME - 4 DAYS IN '56 [book]

Pubblicato nel novembre del 2011, questo libro senza il classico CD allegato è a cura di Michael Rose.
Ci riporta ai 4 giorni dei primi del 1956 vissuti da Elvis, dal grande spavento per la turbolenza attraversata durante il volo Detroit-Columbus, l'arrivo a Memphis e il trasferimento alla nuova casa di Audubon Drive.
È un photobook di 192 pagine con altrettante fotografie.

Author and producer Michael Rose has assembled a most stunning glimpse of Elvis' life in 1956. Through literally hundreds of photos (many previously unpublished) we get to join Elvis at his show in Detroit on May 25. We stay with the tour for two more days in Columbus and Dayton and finally arrive in Memphis on May 28. Rose has interviewed people who attended the shows, found original newspaper coverage, chosen and organized the many photos, and arranged it all as a fascinating travel log. This is the Elvis that country legend Bob Wills aptly described as a 'punk', before controversy and Hollywood toned him down. This book captures an exciting moment in time. It reminds us of Elvis's impact on us, even those who weren't born at the time. For that reason it's important and the photos are absolutely wonderful.

È disponibile il link con tutte le scansioni del libro. Grazie mille ad un amico che desidera rimanere anonimo!

It's available link of every book scans. Many thanks to a friend of mine who won't be mentioned!

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  1. Bravo Marco My Friend _ Tyvm for this one _ Its great _ Keep up the good work here _this site rocks my friend _
    _Long Live Elvis _

  2. Very nice Marco, thank you so much..


  3. Marco, this is fantastic! Thanks to you and your friend